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Share your dream with us

And bring natural tasting healthy food to your local community.

Meet our Bun-D partner from Germany

Bun-D offers to us the ability to provide realistic empowerment and growth opportunities to become as large as we desire to be and provide generational wealth to our family. The Bun-D team offers us great support operationally and throughout the growth process with a clear roadmap of where the brand wants to go.

Our Key Values

All of them brought together by the BUN-D brand.
Natural food
Natural ingredients
Great price
Passionate team

Our Vision for the Future

BUN-D is now expanding to global markets to become a global brand. With low investment costs, low operating costs and high profitability, it is taking moving steps forward.

passionate business

BUN-D offers turn-key solutions and flexibility to investors to carry out their projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is previous food or restaurant experience necessary to obtain a Bun-D franchise?
What does the franchise system include?
Is there a cost for the training program or ongoing support?
How much does a franchise cost?
What does the franchise cost include?
Am I protected from other Bun-D stores opening near my store?
Can I reserve territories for future development after my first store?
How long do I have to develop the store under the franchise agreement?
How is an area defined for a development agreement?
How long is the franchise agreement, and is it renewable?
How much is the royalty payment and how is it collected?
What are the advertising fees?
What is the advertising fee used for?
How much will it cost to open a store?
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