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About Us

• Natural Food
• Natural Ingredients
• Great Price
• Passionate Team

Who we are

Since 1980s, fast food trend has well established itself internationally and fast food culture has kept conquering the world. In the 2000s, this trend has accelerated and spread even to once remote corners of the world. On August 1, 2011, the first Bun-D restaurant commenced its business life in Croughton, UK.
The past few years have awarded the hard work.
The market for BUN-D was beyond anyone’s expectation. It’s what people wanted all along.

What we do

The service must be fast, and the food must be healthy and delicious at the same time! We have, therefore, developed a healthy food menu made with unprocessed ingredients and served with daily made sauces, fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, we have achieved to cut down on investment and operational costs, despite the expensive and fragile nature of fresh food.


Save the earth, save ourselves. Considering global plastic restriction. Our bowls are made from non-wood natural plant-based sugarcane bagasse and bamboo material, water-proof and leak-proof. Forks are made out of corn starch and are compostable. No plastic straws are used.

Good for your Body

Natural ingredients for your daily nutrition needs that will make you feel better.

Vision for the future

Continue to be sustainable, healthy, socially responsible & trustworthy brand.

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